Tau Panama Film

Tau Panama Film

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Some overdue updates. Here is some iPhone footage I shot on our last few retreats in Bocas Del Toro, edited beautifully by our friend Thaddaeus Andreades, whom we hope to be taking with us this February so he can shoot some proper footage for us to play with (while taking retreat himself, of course).

We've also been in conversations recently with an awesome larger organization about deepening our partnership; pray for that. One new thing we are trying out at our Panama retreat this year is to invite creatives across multiple disciplines in the hopes of producing a beautiful and contemplative multi-media "field guide" from our time, with artifacts and contributions made and shared later by our guests. Stay tuned. And if you have any interest, questions, tips, or recommendations for potential guests, reach out!

Lastly, our social media intern has been doing a great job posting inspiring original nature photographs from our retreat locations paired with vibey quotes from naturalists, artists, and spiritual guides. Follow along here for 3 new posts a week.

In the meantime, let this video calm you down for a few minutes and inspire you.